Excavation works notice

Everyone who plans to carry out excavation works (or who plans to have the work done by third parties), is legally required to report this to the Cadastre in advance. This is called an excavation works notice.

After filing an excavation works notice, you will digitally receive information on the exact locations of underground cables and pipelines. You will also receive an overview of grid operators who own the cables and/or pipelines in the terrain in which you intend to carry out the digging. These grid operators may also provide you with additional information. Depending on where exactly you are going to dig, you may also expect information from the DPO. You should subsequently use this information to carry out the work safely. This cable and pipeline information has to be present on site from the moment the work commences. You are obliged to have had contact with a pipeline supervisor of DPO before commencement of such excavation activities anywhere in the vicinity of DPO-pipelines.

Such mechanical excavation works may be reported twenty days in advance at the earliest. This way you always have up-to-date information on the locations of cables and pipelines. The deadline for reporting excavation work is three days before commencement of the work at the latest.

For more information on excavation works notices we refer to the website of the Cadastre.

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