Emergency situations

The risk of leaks in the pipelines is negligible in case of normal use. The risks are being further minimised by decent regular maintenance and adequate management. Nevertheless, the risk of an accident can never be fully eliminated. Excavation work in areas with pipelines pose an additional risk. Leaks resulting from excavation works or special occurrences may lead to soil pollution, odour nuisance and high financial costs.

What to do when you have noticed or caused a leakage

Immediately stop the (excavation) activities
Clear the emergency area;
Notify DPO via the emergency number (+31 10  50 61 555);
Notify local emergency services: call 112;
Provide the location and the size of the leakage;
Close down roads to the emergency area and divert traffic;
Keep bystanders at a distance;
Remove any ignition and heat sources from the emergency zone;
Close windows and doors to minimise (odour)nuisance.

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